If like us at you love to watch all the goings on when a bunch of hapless celebrities get dropped into the jungle, then no doubt you will be glued to the telly when I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here starts the bush tucker trials (that’s the best bit!). The team at Dream Bingo agree with us and so have allowed us to offer this fun I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here quiz with a £10 Free Bingo Bonus for everyone who takes this quiz!

Once you have completed the quiz submit your name and email address so we can send you the Dream Bingo Bonus Code. Please share your score on our BunnyBingo Facebook page who will be the King or Queen of the Jungle quiz?

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In series 1, who was thrilled to receive a pair of strappy gold stiletto shoes?

Who won series 1?

Which Eastender favourite turned up in the jungle in series 2 but left early?

Who won series 2?

When was Katie Price evicted in series 3?

Who won series 3?

Which girl band member was voted to do 5 trials in series 4?

Who won Series 4?

Which member of Atomic Kitten went into the jungle in series 5?

Who won Series 5?

Which celebrity entertained the nation with their daily showers in series 6?

Who won series 6?

Which two celebrities formed a camp fire romance in series 7?

Who won Series 7?

How many WAGS were there in series 8?

Who won series 8?

Who did 6 Bush Tucker Trials in series 9?

Who won series 9?

Over 10 series how many presenters have there been in the ITV 2 Spin off show?

How many jungle campers have there been in total?

How many celebrities have withdrawn before being voted out ?

Who currently holds the record for doing the most Bush Tucker Trials?

How many models have entered the camp in series 1-9?

How many singers has there been series 1-9?

How many chefs have there been series 1-9?

How many interior decorators have there been series 1-9?

How many sportsmen have there been Series 1-9?

How many Bush Tucker Trials have Ant and Dec completed?

What was the name of the resident Koala in Series 4?

In one of the most memorable bush tucker trials what did Paul Burrell say to the rat in his Hell Holes trial?

Who is the resident safety expert?

Which country is the current series "Jungle" in?

Who predicted a public revolt if more air time was given to I’m a Celebrity get Me Out Of Here?

How many Bush Tucker Trials have there been in Series 1-9?

Which series was the most watched?