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Who will win Foxy Bingo’s Biggest Game of the Year!

Published on March 22, 2011 under Foxy Bingo News,Online Bingo News

Well it’s only March and all ready the biggest game of the year so far stands at a whopping £31,000!!

Foxy Bingo‘s celebrity lifestyle must be rubbing off on the online bingo players at Foxy bingo as they all gear up for the big prizes on March the 31st.

That is a heck of a lot of prize money for a single guaranteed bingo game, and there will be a one line prize of £3,500, a two line prize of £7,500; 2TG on full house prizes of £1,500 to be shared between winners and 1TG on full houses of £3,000 shared. Then the full house itself is a mahoosive £15,500 prize! That means there are a ton of chances to win for cards costing £1.50; buy yours now they have been on sale for a while.

If you are not a member of Foxy Bingo, join today to play, this gives you ample time to get sorted out with your bingo tickets for the big game. New members receive really nice benefits such as free bingo money when they make their first deposit and this is £20 for a £10 deposit. This is a big winning site so, check it out now and forget about spring cleaning, it is time for big spring winning!

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