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Remember, Remember the fireworks are inside at Mecca Bingo

Published on November 5, 2010 under Mecca Bingo News,Online Bingo News

Of course the 5th of november means – Bonfire night tonight! Are you going to watch the fireworks? At there will also be fireworks with their promo “Remember, remember, the fifth of November”.

To celebrate this explosive night, you will find not just one but ten £555 jackpot games from 9pm in Dancing Queen and Two Little Ducks. Those players planning to brave the cold can pre-buy their tickets already.

This is also the last weekend of the Daily £10,000 jackpots promo and the Mecca Moments TV ad will finish on Sunday 7th.

Here are a couple of Mecca Moments from two £10,000 winners:

DEBSXTURNXPLZX from Lancashire loves playing bingo on line and won £10,147 on 12th October 2010. She had pre bought her tickets for the day and she wasn’t in the room when her big win came in. Amazingly, her brother was playing in the room at the time and phoned her with the news. Not surprisingly, she thought he was winding her up! When we spoke to DEBSXTURNXPLZX she said how wonderful she felt when she finally realised she had won as she had never dreamed of it. She was also glad that she did not see the ticket playing out as she could have given herself an asthma attack! She has no plans yet on how to spend the money but the cars needed MOT and the boiler needed fixing and more importantly she hopes to go on a holiday next year for a well deserved break.

XRAGS_2_RICHESX, who also plays in Mecca clubs, won £10,139 on 13th October 2010. We spoke to XRAGS_2_RICHESX after her win and she had also pre bought her ticket. She only found out that she had won when she saw her account balance the following morning! XRAGS_2_RICHESX said: “the first thing I did was to go straight to the room to check it was really real with the CM on duty. Everyone in the room congratulated me; they were so nice! As soon as I was sure it was true, I shouted the win out to my husband who was sitting opposite me. We couldn’t believe we had won £10,000!” XRAGS_2_RICHESX then called her daughter who screamed down the phone at her. She wants to have a family holiday with her three daughters and 5 grandkids and she also wants to pay off her debts.
Congratulations to both of them and the rest of the £10,000 winners from!