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Online Bingo oh oh oh…

Published on January 15, 2009 under Online Bingo News

If there’s one thing people can’t get enough of today, it seems to be bingo!!…Online Bingo at that!! So what does this mean, and what is bingo more enjoyable & fixating than? Well, a recent suggestion is that some people are more hooked than sex.

So, a recent survey has asked people which way they rather get their rocks off?? Intel, the worldwide renowned manufacturer of computer chips, conducted that very survey with some intriguing results…

The results were 30% of men asked preferred online Bingo, with 48% of women agreeing! So good old fashioned rumpy pumpy seems to be out of the window. The survey was originally part of a much larger research, however cropped some surprises along the way :O

So if Online Bingo is this addictive, and preffered to other activities such as sex, how far can it go?! Play today and see what you think!!!