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How to play team online bingo at 888 Ladies

Published on November 3, 2010 under 888 Ladies News,Online Bingo News

The team at 888 Ladies sent us an emailer with details about their team bingo events and we thought it would be a great time to give all you online bingo players at 888 ladies some tips on how to play team bingo.

Every month at 888 Ladies there is £3,000 up for grabs in the run-for-the-money Team Bingo Tournament.

1st place £1,200 (1,200,000 LPs)
2nd place £750 (750,000 LPs)
3rd place £500 (500,000 LPs)
4th place £250 (250,000 LPs)
5th place £100 (100,000 LPs)
6th – 10th place £40 (40,000 LPs)

How to play Team Bingo is three steps!

Step 1: Chose a Team Bingo name.

Get together with up to 2 bingo buddies and choose a name for your new bingo team. Makje sure it is one that you are all happy with as you will not be able to change it during that month’s play. If a player wishes to change teams they must wait for the beginning of the following month to do so.

Step 2: Confirm Team Details
Send an email to: with your team name and the individual usernames of each of team players.

Step 3: Play!

Play online Bingo all month and call bingo as many times as you can!

The winning team will be the one to call the most bingos throughout the month. In the event of a draw, the team to call the most bingos on the T pattern will be the winner.

Please Note:

Teams are automatically entered into the next month’s competition. There is no need to re-register your team at the start of each month.
You are only allowed to play with one team at a time
If you want to play Team Bingo and don’t have a team, you can send an email to and they will find one for you.
Team Bingo Rules