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Foxy’ll Fix It! – Win Driving lessons with online bingo site

Published on November 8, 2010 under Foxy Bingo News,Online Bingo News

This promotion from top UK online bingo site – Foxy bingo, really struck a cord with me. As someone who despairs at my decidedly poor driving skills I was really interested in Foxy Bingo Free Driving lessons giveaway as part of their Foxy’ll fix it campaign.

“Are you still struggling to learn to drive? E-mail Foxy Bingo why you really need your driver’s license. We provide one lucky British competitor thirty hours of driving lessons with BSM. Perhaps you are a clumsy driver seeking for a professional driving instructor. We like to receive your motivation,” a Foxy Bingo spokesperson stated.

If you want more information about playing online bingo at Foxy bingo or just want to know how to sign up and enter for free driving lesson go to our Foxy Bingo Review