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Baby Shower Bingo Cards from Bunny Bingo!

Published on September 22, 2010 under Online Bingo News

Baby Showers are becoming more popular in the UK , I know that I have been to three in the last year! They are a great way to make a bit of  fuss of your pregnant friend at a time when they may be feeling a little left out of many social occasions.

If you are attending a Baby shower or have been left the task of organising one, there is a game that is easy to play and gets the mood going – Baby Shower Bingo!

It’s really easy to play Baby Shower Bingo simply hand out a Baby Shower Bingo card to each person and when the gifts are opened guests mark off the gift on their bingo card! It’s up to you if you want to organise a few inexpensive prizes for the winners.

If you have lots of guests you could number the lines on the bingo card so you there are less winners.

We have provided a few example bingo cards which you are free to use – if you would like a PDF version simple email us via the contact page and we will send to you for free!

Please let us know if you how you got on using your Baby Shower Bingo Cards!

Good Luck

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