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888 ladies First Leg Winner of Frenzy Finals Announced!

Published on July 8, 2010 under 888 Ladies News,Online Bingo News

According to the recent poll ran, 39% of the women surveyed would rather play online bingo than watch the World Cup coverage from South Africa currently being broadcast on television. One hundred and thirty women participated in the poll, asked by if they were glad that the worldwide football tournament was taking place.

40% of the women said they would rather play online games and watch the football. 10% said they would only watch the England matches, and 9% said that they would just watch the “big matches” towards the end of the competition. Only 2% said they were so devoted to the game that they would watch every single match!

In a separate poll, 888ladies Bingo also asked their players their opinions on the infamous vuvuzelas dominating the proceedings in South Africa. 54% of women want the South African horns banned, as they feel they are noisy instruments ruining the football coverage! 30% of women said the opposite, that they loved the horns, and 15% said they were so used to the noise that they barely notice it anymore.

For that 79% who don’t want to miss their online bingo, 888ladies Bingo is taking part in the Cashcade Football Frenzy. They are also offering a special England Team room open twice a day during the tournament