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Getting Started with Online Bingo

Bingo is still one of the simplest games to learn and play. Online Bingo is even easier to learn as most online sites will have added auto functions so you don’t have to worry about missing a number or forgetting to call “Bingo”

Here is a step by step guide to teach you how to play online bingo:

1. Choose your bingo site
Most online bingo sites offer different jackpots, cash prizes and promotions. All of the sites listed on offer 75 and 90 ball Bingo plus other online games. You should firstly find the Bingo variant that suits you.

2. Set up your Bingo Account
To start playing online Bingo, you will have to open an account and register. Some bingo rooms will require that you give your card details for verification, but none will take any money out of your account without your permission. To receive the most from the promotional bonuses check out what you need to deposit and how the bonus is paid.

3. Buy Bingo Tickets
The prices will vary from site to site anywhere from 1p to 50p. You will also have to deposit some money before you can buy your tickets although some sites do have a number of free games for depositing players.

4. Follow the CM’s Lead
The Chat Monitor (CM) will welcome you to the game. CM’s are the web equivalent of the caller in land based bingo halls, Most sites will have dedicated chat features and this is a special part of the online bingo experience creating a community spirit. New players may wish to avoid chatting during the calling as you could miss a number or if you get into a juicy chat switch over to the auto daub feature!

5. Play bingo!
Once everyone is ready to play, the chat manager will confirm the combination of numbers to make up the Bingo. Calling then begins, and if the number appears on any of the player’s tickets or cards it will automatically be marked off. The first person to have marked off all their numbers must press the Bingo button, the chat manager then checks the card and the player wins!