As the current series of X Factor draws to a close with the live finals this Saturday, BunnyBingo wanted to take some time to reflect over all the best moments from the entire back catalogue of episodes from all the years.

Arguably the most watched show on British television and soon to take over the US, X-Factor, its judges and contestants are never out of the papers for very long. But how much do you remember from the last 7 years – take this BUNNY BINGO X FACTOR QUIZ to see if you are an ultimate X Factor Quiz master!

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1. Which other artist sang this song on the X Factor?

2. What was the original judges line up?

3. Who presented the first series of The X Factor?

4. Steve Brookstein won the first series. What was his "Winners Song"?

5. Who is this X Factor artist?

6. Which female pop and dance star was added to the judging panel in Series 3?

7. Leona Lewis was crowned the winner of series three and remains the most successful contestant to date. What was the title of her debut single?

8. What other ITV reality TV show did Series 3 runner up, Ray Quinn, go on to win?

9. How many judges were there altogether on The X Factor series 5?

10. Who were the presenters on series 4?

11. Who was the unlikely contestant to reach the final of series 4 and cause controversy when voters were unable to vote?

12. Which female pop singer was added to the judging panel in series 5

13. What song did the last twelve finalists record for the Help for Heroes Charity?

14. What song did Alexandra Burke sing with Beyonce Knowles on the 2008 final?

15. Which former X Factor finalists have recently launched their own range of condoms?

16. Who currently presents The Xtra Factor?

17. Which category has never won X Factor?

18. Which X Factor Finalist is now Queen of the Jungle?

19. Who performed this Beatles song and was declared to be "the best first audition he had ever heard!" by Simon Cowell

20. In 2009, a Facebook campaign was launched to stop the X Factor single getting to the Christmas number one spot, which song did the group promote instead (which eventually succeeded)?

21. Which former contestant performed at Katie Price and Peter Andre's wedding?

22. Which contestant is the only one to have dropped their mentor after not liking their advice?

23. Which member of girl band The Saturdays auditioned in 2005?

24. What country is the 2010 contestant Wagner from?

25. Which contestants have made it through to the 2010 X Factor Final?