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Wolverine Beaten Youth

Published on April 23, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip
source; wenn

source; wenn

Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman has claimed that he used to always get his “head kicked in” as a young rugby player.

The Wolverine star also recalled one incident when he ended up in hospital after damaging his head on “cement” during a match.

“If I didn’t have blood trickling down my head I didn’t feel like I’d played a game. I was always getting my head kicked in,” he told FHM.

“One time I remember taking a ball from the kick off, I jumped and the guy tackled me in mid-air off the side. There was a drain and as he smashed me, my head hit the cement. I woke up in a hospital a few hours later.”

Speaking about his fitness regime before shooting Wolverine, Jackman revealed that at one point he could bench “a little north” of 300lbs.

“After three movies of Wolverine, I had an image of how I wanted to look,” he said. “Veiny and lean – I kept thinking of De Niro in Cape Fear, because the moment he took his shirt off you thought, ‘This guy’s a freak’.”

Jackman added: “Wolverine is half animal, half human, and I wanted a body that reflected that.”