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Win an Luxury Easter Basket with the Vajazzle Dance!

Published on March 16, 2011 under Celebrity Gossip

BunnyBingo have gone all things Essex this week with the excitiment of the return of the program on the 20th of March – Shut Up!

Well we broadcast the promo “The Only Way is Essex Music Video” and you all loved it but we thought hey there is a dance routine and well we wanted to learn it and we are sure you all do too so….

We have also posted a dance routine tutorial for anyone who wants to learn how to do the Vajazzle dance” and when you have learnt the moves make sure you video them (using your phone, flip or snazzy video recorder) and post to our Bunnybingo Facebook page.

Invite your friends to watch it and the one with the most amount of likes wins a Luzury Hotel Chocolat “Easter bunny” basket!

Don’t worry about the calories because you would have burnt loads off practicing the routine!