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Who Am I? – Our New Promotion Game Next Week!!

Published on May 29, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip,Online Bingo News

June is nearly upon us Ladies and Gents, and to celebrate the prospect of long hot summer days, Bunny Bingo is going to be giving away so much cash over the 30 days!!

Next week sees a new game for you all the play, and could win you £30 each day!! That’s £150 in a week, just for guessing who our mystery celebrity is each day!!

Check the homepage on Monday morning at 10am, and the first clue will be up on screen. There will be two more clues throughout the day, and if you think you know who the celebrity is, then drop us an email with your guess.

If you guess correctly after our first clue, then you win £30 into your account. If you guess it after the second clue, we’ll give you £20. If you have to wait until the third clue in the evening, then The Bunny will give you £10 if you get it right!! It really couldnt be simpler. By the time Friday rolls around, you could have £150 to play even more bingo!!

So keep your eyes peeled on Monday for the clue, and as soon as you think you know it, drop an email to either, or, and we’ll let you know if you’re a winner!!