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Ultimate I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Quiz plus £10 Free bingo Voucher!

Bunny Bingo published this Press Release today.

PRESS RELEASE: London, 23rd November 2010
The ultimate “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Quiz” was published today at BunnyBingo with a £10 bingo bonus voucher for all participants

The popular UK online bingo portal which features online bingo reviews plus regular celebrity news and gossip launched their first reality TV online quiz today with a £10 free voucher for all participants.
This is the tenth series of ITV’s hit reality TV program “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” and still it manages to entertain the nation. For anyone who has watched the celebrity jungle show has created the Ultimate I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here quiz to test their knowledge over the last nine series.

“Players need not feint (like Gillian McKeith) at the prospect of the 35 questions, it is an amusing look back through the years as much as an I’m a celebrity get me out of here IQ Test! Plus with Dream Bingo’s generous £10 free bingo voucher there is a little extra incentive to play” Commented Emma Gilbert Online manager for

The I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here quiz is made up of 35 Questions based on all the winners and highlights from all nine of the past series.

Players are free to share the quiz with their friends on social networks like Facebook and Twitter plus all players who submit their details will be notified of upcoming reality TV quizzes and special promotions (an X-Factor Quiz and

Twilight Eclipse DVD promotion is planned for December 2010)

The new player £10 free bingo voucher bonus code will be sent to every player who completes the quiz and submits their details.
Take the Ultimate “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” Quiz at BunnyBingo

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