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Tweed to auction clothes!

Published on March 27, 2009 under Celebrity Big Brother 2009,Celebrity Gossip,Shows

Jack Tweed is reportedly planning to sell some of his late wife Jade Goody’s clothes for charity.

source; wenn

source; wenn

Tweed has told friends that he will keep some of Goody’s prized possessions but will donate her clothes to Cancer Research charity shops or auction them off for Marie Curie nurses, The Sun reports.

A family friend said: “Jack said he and Jade talked about what to do with her stuff when she was gone. She told him to give it away to shops or sell it – as long as the money went to a good cause.

“Obviously he wants to help with cancer charities and is looking to hold some sort of auction.”

They added: “He is trying to look forward now. Clearing the house fills him with dread but he knows it is the first step toward closure.”