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Travolta’s son tragically dies

Published on January 6, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip

According to Bahamian Officials, a death certificate was issued to announce John Travolta’s son died of a seizure.

Early reports had suggested that Jett, who passed away on January 2, suffered a seizure and hit his head on a bath tub while on vacation with his family in the Bahamas.

Travolta and wife Kelly Preston recently said that their 16 year old son had a history of seizures and also a condition called Kawasaki disease, which is an inflammation of the blood vessels. They also said despite the seizures, his body was in great physical condition.

Glen Campbell, the assistant director of the local funeral home, said that the body was “in great condition” and showed no signs of head trauma. He revealed that the death certificate, which has not been released, had recorded the cause of death as “seizure”.