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Tom Cruise wants to kill Hitler – fact!

Published on December 18, 2008 under Celebrity Gossip

I kind of like Tom Cruise even more since he’s gone a little looney! I loved the whole jumping over the sofa episode, and often find myself wondering what dinner with the Beckhams must be like with mad Tom!
Anyhow, he’s now revealed that as a child, he harboured a desire to kill Hitler! Great ambition Tom!

In a recent interview about his new film Valkyrie, which is about a group of German soldiers who plotted to assinate Hitler, Tom revealed “When I was a kid, I always wanted to kill Hitler. I didn’t care about religion or whatever. I hated that guy and everything he stood for,”.

Which is fair enough! Later on in the interview, Cruise did say he didn’t think he could actually go through with the murder if he had the chance in real life – so thats ok then!

Valkyrie is released for all to see on December 26th – Boxing Day! Personally, i’ll be eating turkey sandwiches and probably talking to all my buddies on Bunny Bingo!