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Tom Chambers wins Strictly Come Dancing Final

Published on December 21, 2008 under Celebrity Gossip,Strictly Come Dancing

So Strictly Come Dancing 2008 came to an end last night, and I thought it was quite a finale! All the controversey regarding all 3 semi finalists going through aside for one minute – last nights Strictly Come Dancing Final was everything we all hoped it would be – it had raw emotion, some of the best dancing of the series and the closest contest between the two finalists that could be possible!

First out was Lisa Snowdon and Brendon Cole, despite dancing nearly flawlessly, you always senses that the public wouldn’t side with them – more because of Brendon than Lisa, but I think it probably did leave the two best dancers in Rachel Stevens and Tom Chambers in the final 2.

Each couple had to perform a final Show Dance, and they were breathtaking to say the least! Rachel and Vincent performed a riveting and sensual dance to the theme of Flashdance – no wonder Rachel Stevens fiancee looked on with a deadpan look on his face – if it was my fiancee Vincent was caressing so believably, I don’t think I would be chuffed either!

Tom delivered a great performance with more than a touch of Hollywood – his acting skills were used to their effective best, and the judges indicated that they thought he had edged it.

Before the final result, we were treated to mini dances from each of the contestants who had taken part in this series, my favourite being John Sargeant as he dragged his dance partner across the floor in the style of a Spanish Matador!

And then the final result was announced….and Tom Chambers was the winner!

This series of Strictly Come Dancing has really raised the bar, and it will be interesting to see the makeup of the contestants next year – the BBC can’t afford to have any more John Sargeants!

What did you think of the final?