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Taxi Driver outburst!

Published on April 15, 2009 under Celebrity Big Brother 2009,Celebrity Gossip

The taxi driver assaulted by Jack Tweed has claimed that Jade Goody’s widower received a softer sentence because of his fame and said that the couple’s marriage was “a sham”.

source; wenn

source; wenn

Tweed was jailed for 12 weeks at Harlow Magistrates’ Court yesterday after being found guilty of assaulting Stephen Wilkins while on bail for another attack.

Wilkins told The Mirror: “If he had been Joe Bloggs he would have got what he deserved. But because of who he is and who he married he got off lightly.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous. Why hasn’t he got what anyone else would get for attacking a boy with a golf club and then near killing me?”

He added to The Sun: “It’s all been a show for the public and I think his marriage was a sham.

“He used this situation for his own ends. I’ve no sympathy. He could have killed me, himself and three others.”

Tweed’s solicitor George Kampanella suggested that he had been treated more severely because of his fame and added that the legal team was considering an appeal.