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Strictly Come Dancing…what’s going on?

Published on December 15, 2008 under Celebrity Gossip,Strictly Come Dancing

Although somewhat overshadowed by this week’s X Factor final, the semi final of Strictly Come Dancing was in its own way as dramatic!

All 3 couples danced amazingly well – perhaps the best ones being Rachel Stevens and Vincent doing the Argentinian Tango – but the biggest suprise of the night came at the end! Rather than reveal who the bottom couple were and thus were to go home, instead, Tess Daly and Bruce Forsythe announced that ALL 3 couples would make it through to next weeks final!

A show shocker to be sure – but – I’m not sure that the BBC got this right! Although all the votes that were registered last night will be carried over, I got a sense of being cheated! Strictly Come Dancing has always been the classier relation of the reality TV show genre, and to me, this gimmick seemed a little bit cheap.

Also, I’m not sure how I felt about casting a vote on last nights performance, for it to be rolled over to next week. Hypothetically, if I had voted for Brendon Cole and Lisa Snowdon last night, because I felt their dancing was the best ( i didn’t and they weren’t incidentally! ), and then next week, they were terrible, I have in effect cast a vote for their awful dance! I would like to know what other viewers felt about this!

Anyhow, that aside, Strictly Come Dancing has been great this year – the standard of dancing has been higher than ever, and the whole John Sargeant escapade has been hugely addictive!! I look forward to next weeks final, and my prediction is Rachel Stevens will walk away with the glittering ball!

Have a great week, Buster Bunny!