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Emmerdale Spoiler, 6th February

Published on February 6, 2009 under Soaps

Val feels for Diane when she tries to stay strong for the kids. Andy insists on grieving alone and when Mick arrives to pay his respects, Andy laments that he isn’t half the man Jack was.

Back at the Woolpack, Val implores Katie to convince Andy to help with the funeral arrangements as Diane is heading off to Spain to bring Jack’s body back.

Later that morning, Lisa takes Sarah to visit Andy and Katie arrives soon afterwards. Katie asks Andy to support his family but he angrily tells her to leave. Katie returns to the Woolpack to deliver the bad news and Diane leaves for Spain, asking Val and Pollard to handle the funeral arrangements.

An angry Val sets out for Butlers to confront Andy with his responsibilities. She reminds him that Jack’s passing leaves him one option: to step up and be the man his father would be proud of. Will Andy come through for the Sugdens?

Nicola is alarmed to wake up next to Jimmy having slept with him. Her anxiety rises when she realises the truck is near Hull, making her late for work at Home Farm. When the taxi turns up to take them home, Nicola’s misery is complete when Jimmy insists on going dutch for the fare.

Back in the village, Nicola asks Jimmy to hide behind the taxi to hide from David but the car drives off exposing Jimmy and leaving Nicola deeply embarrassed. Her day gets even worse when she’s sent home from work by Natasha after the Wyldes disapprove of her unkempt appearance. Will Nicola’s rough luck turn around?