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Published on January 13, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip,X Factor

Former X-Factor panelist Sharon Osbourne, has this week released a scathing attack on current judge, Dannii Minogue!

Sharon blasts Danni Minogue in X-Factor controversy

Sharon Blasts Danni Minogue in X-Factor controversy

Recently in an interview with Piers Morgan, she confessed to saying “All Dannii wanted to do was f**k Simon Cowell. That’s why she’s on the show.”

She continued to say about Dannii’s plastic surgery and described her as a “mosquito you want to flick away”.

All of this outraged started, through Piers Morgan asking Sharon, “Why did you quit the X-Factor”…in which Osbourne swiftly replied, “Danni Minogue“.

Osbourne left the X-Factor in July 2008 after reportedly seeking a salary of £2 million for the fifth series.

“They offered £1.6 million but she ‘couldn’t bear to sit next to Dannii six more months’,” a source told The Sun.

£1.6 million, to sit by Dannii Minogue for 6 months? Is it really that bad Sharon ?