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Robbie Williams to be in next year’s Strictly Come Dancing

Published on December 18, 2008 under Celebrity Gossip,Strictly Come Dancing

Obviously wanting to emulate John Sargeant’s success in this years Strictly Come Dancing, Robbie Williams has revealed on his personal website that he hopes to be in next years show!

He told fans that he loves the show and they could expect to see him on there next year! Robbie, who has lived in LA for the past five years, has also revealed that he is yearning to be back in Britain.

He said : “It was my recent trip to England that did it. I felt plugged in. Roots! I really miss it, for all its crap weather, I need to be among Brits again.

“Back in Britain, I listened to the radio in the car, watched what and who was on the TV and then it all came back. Ambition, that is. I wanted to put an album out the next day.”

Well Robbie you’re always welcome! And when you come over, how about a celebrity stint on Bunny Bingo – I can see Robbie settling down for a game of 90 ball bingo!!!