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Rihanna not to press charges!

Published on March 4, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip

Rihanna will not press charges against Chris Brown for alleged assault, according to police reports.

source; wenn

source; wenn

The singer’s original statement and witness accounts will be handed to the Los Angeles County District Attorney later this week.

It is not known whether there will be a strong enough case to prosecute Brown without the 21-year-old’s testimony. However, California law allows prosecutors to take action in domestic violence cases even if the couple reunite.

Brown is accused of attacking Rihanna during a row before the Grammy Awards on February 8. Pictures of Rihanna with bruises on her eyes, nose and cheeks surfaced on American websites last month.

Brown and Rihanna reportedly reunited at rapper Sean Combs’s Miami home at the weekend. The first pictures of the couple back together may fetch £60,000, according to paparazzi agencies.