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Oprah’s word on Rihanna Saga

Published on March 10, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip

Oprah Winfrey has warned Rihanna about the dangers of rekindling her relationship with Chris Brown.

source; wenn

source; wenn

The ‘Disturbia’ singer was forced to seek hospital treatment last month, after she was allegedly attacked by Brown just hours before the couple were scheduled to appear at the Grammys.

Speaking on her US chatshow, Winfrey said: “Love doesn’t hurt and if a man hits you once he will hit you again. I don’t care what his plea is; he will hit you again.

“The truth is that both Chris Brown and Rihanna, if I were your friend I’d call and say: ‘Give it some time, get yourself counselling, take care of yourself and heal yourself first.'”

Rihanna is reported to have resumed her relationship with Brown, who has been charged with two felonies and could face up to four years and eight months in prison if convicted.

However, an unnamed source has told The Daily Telegraph that Rihanna has been “absolutely humiliated” by the attention that she has received, adding: “She feels the whole world is judging her.”

Legal experts have suggested that the case against Brown will hinge on the level of co-operation that Rihanna is willing to offer, however an attorney for the star has insisted that she will “do everything that the law requires her to do”.