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Lohan: “Everything with Sam is fine”

Published on February 17, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip

Lindsay Lohan has laughed off speculation that she has split from girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

Despite assuring fans that their decision to cancel a Valentine’s Day appearance was because of illness, rumours continued to swirl that the couple had been involved in an argument.

Speaking to OK!, the actress insisted that her relationship with Ronson is fine and confirmed that they had genuinely been feeling ill over the weekend.

“She’s sick. She’s in LA,” she said. “Everything’s fine. I just sent her food from Jerry’s Deli, but she slept through the guys banging on the door. So I was texting her saying, ‘I’m going to the event, there’s food outside the door’.”

Discussing her recent weight loss, Lohan added: “I didn’t lose it intentionally. I’m eating as much as I always eat.

“I think I’m just working a lot and the stress of that and lack of sleep and my travels… I think it’s just all that that adds up.”

Earlier, Ronson announced that the pair were forced to cancel their Valentine’s night appearance on “doctor’s orders”, saying: “We really feel bad, and I work sick when I can, but unfortunately I couldn’t drive to Miami, so I’m stuck in New York City.”