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Lack of Research from Piers!!

Published on April 15, 2009 under Britain's Got Talent,Celebrity Gossip,Shows

Katie Price has claimed that Piers Morgan failed to prepare for their recent TV interview.

source; wenn

source; wenn

The glamour model spoke about being sexually abused by a stranger at the age of six when she filmed an episode of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories earlier this year.

Morgan later expressed shock over the star’s revelation, describing it as “an extraordinary moment which just came out of nowhere”.

However, in an interview with Take 5 magazine, Price complained: “Piers didn’t do his research. He thought he’d got an exclusive when I talked about what happened on that park bench, but if he’d read my autobiography he’d know that it was already in there.”

She added: “Everyone knows everything about me already. I’m not one to keep things secret and I think people like it when you are yourself.”

Price’s episode of Life Stories attracted almost 5m viewers to ITV1 in March.