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“Kids in the middle” – Andre

Published on August 13, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip

Peter Andre has taken a stand in the media and claimed that he now wants the war of words with his ex-Mrs, Katie Price, to now stop… for the sake of their three children.

Pete, 36, told Eamonn Holmes on Sky News this morning: “Enough is enough. I really don’t think there should be any more said.

“We’ve got three kids in the middle of all of this. It shouldn’t be becoming a mud-slinging match.

“I don’t want to hear any bad things about her and I don’t want to hear any bad things about me. I just want it to stop. Enough’s enough. It’s not nice.

“These kids do not need to be subjected to this.”

Pete knew there would be questions asked about their split, and as his lips have been sealed over the past months over the real reasons to their split, many more are speculating!!

Meanwhile, Katie Price (AKA Jordan) has been out enjoying herself, partying with new love, Alex Reid.