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Katy Perry admits crush on Cheryl Cole

Published on July 1, 2010 under Celebrity Gossip

We all know that Katy Perry isn’t adverse to kissing a girl (and liking it), and it sounds as if she’s got one girl in particular in mind. After messing around and infuriating boss Simon Cowell during the Dublin X Factor auditions, Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole have become best buds – and Katy is totally smitten. “I wish Cheryl Cole tweeted. She was a sweeeeeetie pateeetie today (girl crush alert),” Katy blabbed on Twitter. Sources at The X Factor say guest judge Katy “didn’t hide how taken she was with Cheryl” and spent most of the time giggling with her. Blimey. Is nobody immune to Cheryl’s charms?!