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Sergeant’s Sad Strictly Send-Off!!

Published on November 19, 2008 under Celebrity Gossip,Strictly Come Dancing

Former BBC political journalist, John Sergeant, has quit the hit BBC One show, Strictly Come Dancing, fearing that he might actually win!!

A statement released by Sergeant said “The trouble is that there is now a real danger that I might win the competition. Even for me that would be a joke too far.” This follows weeks of harsh criticisms from all panel judges.

Strictly Judge, Arlene Philips, was asked whether she felt any responsibility for the 64 year old’s departure, and she commented; “Not really. If you look back, we’ve actually been quite nice on this programme.” However, she did mention that Sergeant had many “funny, funny moments.”

John will perform a departing dance when the show airs on 22 November, leaving the remaining 6 contestants to battle it out for the Strictly Come Dancing crown.