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Hollyoaks Spoiler, 6th February

Published on February 6, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip

Ste’s full of the joys of spring now he has his job back at Il Gnosh. Dom’s spirits aren’t quite as buoyant, which gives Ste an idea on how to cheer him up. Commandeering Dom’s phone, Ste is up to mischief when he sends Loretta a text from Dom, expressing his wish to meet up with her again.

While Dom laments he’s better off alone, he soon changes his tune when Loretta appears out of the blue. Ste’s impressed by Loretta’s good looks and a bashful Dom appears, pleased by her arrival. As they chat about how much they’ve missed each other, it becomes apparent to both Loretta and Dom that somebody has set them up.

Embarrassed, Loretta leaves while an angry Dom confronts Ste. With thoughts of Tina playing on his mind, Dom admits he’s not ready to move on but when Ste points out all his similarities with Loretta, Dom agrees it would be a shame to let her walk away. Finding Loretta bird watching, Dom admits how he feels and it’s not long before Loretta confesses her feelings, too. Love is finally in the air.

Warren’s anxious when Sasha fails to show at the flat to look after Spencer, so he decides to head over to the Valentines’ to see what’s going on. Sasha’s alarmed to find Warren on her doorstep and not wishing to displease him, finds herself agreeing to go over to the flat.

At The Loft, Calvin arrives looking for his money for stealing the car yesterday. Meanwhile, an anxious Sasha turns up at Warren’s flat and persuades Spencer to let her in. Maintaining they can never be boyfriend and girlfriend, she finally convinces him that everything is OK between them, but Warren must never know he tried to kiss her – it’s their secret.

Warren’s impressed by Sasha’s handling of Spencer and agrees to spend time at the park with them. On their way back, Sasha kisses Warren and she’s thrilled she’s finally crossed the barrier.

Life at Nancy’s flat is becoming more and more chaotic. Guilty for her liaison with Kris yesterday, Nancy overcompensates with Ravi and admits to Sarah that she’s had another fling with Kris. Sarah fails to see the attraction and warns Nancy that she’s playing with fire. While she’s waiting for Ravi, Nancy finds herself drawn towards Kris and as they begin to flirt, Ravi’s arrival throws the trio into disarray.

Full of guilt and excitement, Nancy is furious for the way she feels about Kris and agrees to a night out with Sarah in the hope it will take her mind off the mess she’s getting herself into. When Ravi hears about their proposed night out, his mind goes into overdrive and a lustful Kris sends him a text to invite him over

Unfortunately, however, he also sends the same text to Nancy. As panic sets in, Kris is in for a stressful time as he attempts to stop them both from turning up at the same time. As Nancy arrives at Kris’ front door, Ravi receives a panicked text from Kris just in time to stop them colliding with each other – a close call, indeed!

Elsewhere, Carmel’s still upset after the debacle of yesterday and ponders on what could have been. A guilty Calvin decides to buy her a top of the range mobile out of his ill-gained money. He’s soon back in Carmel’s good books once more.