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Hollyoaks Spoiler 3rd March

Published on March 3, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip,Soaps

Sasha celebrates her 18th birthday, but she’s unhappy that Leo has only bought her an old fashioned dress and Calvin hasn’t bought her anything at all. Warren turns up at the Valentines’ with a present, but Sasha’s initial delight turns to disappointment when she finds out it’s from Spencer.

Later, at her birthday meal in Il Gnosh, Sasha is further annoyed when Lauren fails to turn up, Calvin continues to be morose and Leo gets drunk. She storms off to the jubilee gardens where Calvin follows and a heated argument ensues. During the spat, Calvin blurts out that Carmel knows that Nige isn’t dead and he inadvertently blames Sasha for the collapse of his marriage.

Fleeing to the Loft, Warren cheers Sasha up by offering her The Loft as a party venue and gives her a birthday peck on the cheek. However, when she pulls him into a full kiss, Warren pulls away. Sasha, however, heads off positive that Warren’s attracted to her.

Leila tries to go home to get some of her belongings before her parents realise she’s moved out. She’s later reluctant to let Bel into her room. Bel becomes suspicious and Leila makes up an implausible excuse. Leila scurries away and Bel comes over to the council flat with two bin bags, explaining she went into Leila’s ‘dark’ room and couldn’t see any photographs.

Leila comes clean about moving in with Justin and Justin tells Bel he’s committed to Leila and reveals that even marriage isn’t out of the question. Bel’s shocked and wishes Leila luck, secretly knowing it won’t last long. Meanwhile, Leila and Justin are stunned at how fast their relationship is moving, while both unable to tell each other how they truly feel.

A loved up Theresa wakes to discover she’s got a black eye. Later in Tan and Tumble, she admits to Jacqui that she’s started seeing Ste. Jacqui is livid that her cousin is involved with Amy’s abusive ex and when she sees Theresa’s eye, she assumes it was from Ste and vows to sort him out, despite Theresa protesting his innocence.

An already tense evening for Josh and Amy is further ruined when Ste suggests that he and Theresa take Leah out again. Amy tells Josh that she’s worried about Theresa’s influence on Leah, but Josh believes Amy is just jealous. Josh is secretly thrilled when a mortified Ste is dragged from Il Gnosh’s kitchen by Jacqui and humiliated in front of the customers. Theresa catches up with Ste after convincing Jacqui he didn’t hit her but Ste tells Theresa they should cool off and he should never have become involved with a McQueen.

Steph and Sarah take their first dance class in The Loft. Holly and Tom are unhappy when they’re put into a group with trouble-causer Persephone who gives them a hard time. Sarah gives Persephone a telling off for her behaviour and while she’s doing so, Tom and Holly sneak into Warren’s office to escape. Warren is furious when he catches them and Steph blames Sarah for not paying enough attention.

Back at the flat, Holly suggests to Tom that Warren is hiding something as he was so mad at them, so Holly and Tom decide to form the Cunningham Crime Busters detective agency.