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Hollyoaks spoiler 25th February

Published on February 25, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip,Soaps

Ste confesses to Dom about his kiss with Amy and about his fears for the future. Challenging him to do the adult thing, Dom suggests he pays Amy a visit and apologises for his behaviour. At school, meanwhile, Amy’s increasingly rankled by the mention of Josh’s new friend Lydia and struggles to hide her jealousy.

As a nervous Ste waits for Amy, he catches the attention of Theresa. She witnesses Amy arguing with him and wonders if she’s his girlfriend. With Josh and Ste in the same vicinity, it’s only a matter of time before tempers ignite and a newly-rejected Ste delights in telling Josh about seeing Leah and his kiss with Amy. Josh is furious and stalks off, while Theresa takes the opportunity to follow Ste. She finds him uncooperative when she attempts to befriend him. Josh and Amy kiss and make up after their argument, however another shadow crosses over when Josh receives his offer from Kings College and Amy realises she may lose him after all.

Natty gives Ste food for thought over Amy and suggests he back off and let her come to him. Ste’s bolstered and after bumping into Theresa, he takes Natty’s advice on board and cheekily asks Theresa if she fancies spending some time with him. Excited beyond belief, Theresa seizes the chance as we wonder what the future holds in store for her and Ste?

Malachy and Mercedes’ search for work requires desperate measures. With Malachy trying his hand as a masseur and Mercedes a mother’s help, the race is on to see who can outdo the other. In Il Gnosh, a busy Dom struggles to cope, so when a wily Cindy offers her services. Before Dom can blink, she’s hoodwinked him into giving her a trial shift.

A furious Mercedes returns and tells Malachy that she’s been sacked already. Bragging that he’s been paid extra for his magic hand technique, Mercedes refuses to join his massaging scam. Instead, she makes a beeline for a stressed out Dom to wangle a trial shift out of him. When the Mercedes and Cindy realise that they’re working together, chaos ensues as they try to out-manoeuvre each other in front of a weary Dom. By the end of the night, Mercedes and Cindy secure themselves a permanent job at Gnosh leaving Dom incredulous as to how it happened?

Calvin’s alarmed when he stumbles upon a pensive Carmel about to experience her first raid. The realisation hits him that they’re targeting the Loft and an oblivious Warren is inside with forty stolen laptops. Calvin frantically searches for Warren and is flooded with relief to hear that the laptops have been moved. Hi relief is short-lived, however, when they remember the CCTV cameras all over the club with footage that would incriminate them both.

In the grip of fear and under pressure from Warren to sort out their problem, Calvin returns home. Fully aware he’s jeopardising Carmel’s career, he removes the CCTV DVD from the case, making her seem incompetent in front of a furious Mark. Saving his own neck, Calvin’s wracked with guilt as he watches Carmel crumble under Marks wrath.

Leila’s bored waiting at the bar while Justin works. Elliot’s arrival sparks some interest and when conversation turns to auras, they head off together to investigate further. As the bond between them grows, is the aura of love surrounding Elliot and Leila?