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Hollyoaks spoiler 13th march

Published on March 13, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip,Soaps

Sasha’s disappointed that things didn’t go quite to plan with Warren the previous night and hopes to set things right. Receiving no sympathy from Calvin, she heads over to The Loft but feels stupid when Warren tells her he’s not interested in playing silly games. The mood’s lightened when Sasha teaches Spencer how to walk down a catwalk and Warren can’t help being amused by the pair of them. Sasha feels she’s getting closer to Warren, until Calvin turns up at the club and spoils her fun.

Sasha’s angry when all her outfits from The Loft’s fashion show turn up at the house and she blames Calvin for trying to turn Warren against her. Ignoring Calvin’s warnings, Sasha goes round to the flat to confront Warren. Sasha seduces Warren and although he warns her that he’s bad for her, he can’t resist – and Sasha finally gets her man.

Leila and Justin both have their guilty secrets after kissing Elliot and Hannah the previous night. But Leila reveals she loves Justin and determined to make a go of things, she asks Elliot to say nothing about their kiss. Elliot is understanding, but he’s hurting nevertheless and his heart breaks when she tells him that she just wants them to be friends.

Justin tries to make things work with Leila and takes her out to Il Gnosh to apologise for taking her for granted. However, he can’t stop thinking about Hannah and is convinced she has feelings for him, too. When he sees Hannah kissing Ash through the window, he can’t deny his feelings any longer and blurts out to Leila that he kissed someone last night. Leila’s devastated when she realises it was Hannah he kissed, while Justin gutted when Hannah reveals that she’s not going to end things with Ash.

Amy’s feeling a little insecure after seeing Josh enjoying a lap dance from Loretta at the party, but she’s reassured when he tells her she’s the only woman for him. Rhys, on the other hand, is determined to steer Josh away from Amy and show his little brother a good time as he replays him the footage of his lap dance and takes him to Il Gnosh for another cheeky glimpse of Loretta.

Unbeknownst to Josh, Rhys doesn’t want Amy to ruin his life and phones the college in London to take up their offer of a place for the music degree.

Dom’s irritated by the sudden attention Loretta’s receiving in Il Gnosh – but he’s happy that business has improved. Loretta’s not willing to argue about her job again, but Dom’s starting to wonder if he can cope with her career. Frustrated, he asks her if she’d be willing to give it up for him. Loretta can’t believe Dom would ask her to give up her job and tells him to get over it. Dom, however, isn’t sure he can.