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Hollyoaks Plotline, monday 16th february

Published on February 16, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip,Soaps

The McQueens don pregnancy bumps to see what they can acquire in the shops to raise a bit of cash. The puppies are causing havoc in the house and destroying everything in sight, but Michaela’s very protective over her babies when Mercedes has a go at them for ruining her best gear.

When Carmel comes round to see her family, she’s annoyed when the McQueens slip out on their stealing spree and she’s left to feed and cater to an idle Zak and Malachy. She’s further angered when Carmel’s she bumps into her mum and sisters in town and discovers them shoplifting. Carmel tries to persuade them to do the right thing by handing the goods over but just when she thinks her family are going to concede, the girls make a run for it.

Meanwhile, Jack is released prison but returns to a turbulent home. Frankie’s anxious to get everything ship shape for his homecoming, while Steph tries to keep her frantic mother calm. Newt’s disappearance doesn’t help matters as Frankie realises Jack will want to see him – he’s the only one who hasn’t let him down. Newt’s not sure he can forgive Jack for everything he’s put him through and can’t face seeing him, until Lauren encourages him to be there.

For the first time in his life, Jack feels ashamed coming back to the village and knowing he has to have a prison tag fitted only adds to his humiliation. Malachy’s hostile towards him when he goes round to apologise and isn’t willing to forgive and forget what he did. The family try to help Jack re-adjust to being back home but when Jack realises Darren’s learned nothing from his time in prison, all his anger and frustrations come flooding out and he attacks Darren, before ordering him to leave.

Warren’s on the verge of losing it over Louise but tries to stay upbeat for Spencer’s sake. Spencer’s agitated after Warren’s argument with Sasha and doesn’t understand why he won’t let him be her friend.

Left alone, Warren’s reminded of Louise when he sees her clothes in the wardrobe and snaps into a rage, ripping them apart.