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GaGa in Tea-Cup Stir

Published on April 20, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip

Lady GaGa reportedly caused a fuss with her staff after leaving her favourite teacup and saucer at a London hotel.

source; wenn

source; wenn

The singer was quizzed about the cup by Jonathan Ross when she appeared with it on his show, hours before its disappearance.

Lady GaGa sent a taxi back to the Blakes Hotel in Kensington, west London at the cost of £35 to retrieve the crockery after she left it there on Thursday night, The Sun reports.

A source said: “She kicked up a stink and demanded someone get her cup and saucer back.

“She wouldn’t drink out of anything else. It just looked like any other cup and saucer to me and said ‘Made in China’ on the bottom. It seemed a lot of fuss over nothing.”

A spokesman for the ‘Poker Face’ star said: “Lady GaGa does not want to reveal anything about the teacup itself, but drinking ginger tea is very good for singers.”