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Estelle Doesn’t Hate Lily

Published on February 18, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip

Estelle has insisted that she is baffled by claims that she “hates” Lily Allen.

Though some reports have painted the pair as bitter rivals, the R&B star has claimed that she is too busy for arguments in the press.

Speaking to Celebs On Sunday magazine, Estelle explained: “This whole thing of rivalry between me and Lily, I just think ‘whatever’. There’s no competition between us.

“I’m on tour 300% of my life, working on my music, so there’s really not much time to say: ‘I hate that person’.”

Asked about troubled star Amy Winehouse, she added: “She’s just herself, and that’s been Amy from day one. People don’t want to leave her alone. I think she’s an honest artist and we don’t see a lot of that right now, people writing exactly what they feel.”

Estelle has previously accused the media of creating tension between Adele, Duffy and herself.