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Eastenders Spoiler

Published on July 20, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip,Soaps

Whitney stands staring at the man who’s been shadowing her movements around Walford for the last few months. She’s a little taken aback that her mother Debra knows him, revealing his name as Ryan. Debra insists that she used to work with him and maintains that he’s dangerous and shouldn’t be trusted. Whitney, however, jumps to his defence, recalling his heroic actions when the cafĂ© exploded. A vicious row between Debra and Ryan breaks out over what’s best for Whitney and when Ryan pushes Debra, Whitney jumps to her mother’s defence. At that moment, Ryan exclaims: “She’s my mother, too!”

Whitney’s stunned by Ryan’s revelation and is bewildered when Debra admits that Ryan is actually her son. However, she insists that she has nothing to do with him any more as he’s dangerous and has been involved with the wrong crowds. Ryan, meanwhile, explains that he wanted to get to know his half-sister a little better before revealing his connection to her. Eager to hammer her point home, Debra reveals that she has a knife of Ryan’s in her possession as he used it in a fight and needed somebody to hide it. Ryan protests that he simply used it in self-defence but now needs to destroy the evidence that could potentially be used against him in the future. As Debra and Ryan argue, Whitney’s left visibly torn between her mum and half-brother.

Meanwhile, Stacey’s sprawled on the floor with blood pouring from her head. As she stares upwards, she sees the Brannings looking back at her. As Lauren and Abi are sent to their rooms, Jean rushes in to find Stacey in a state. Max offers to take her to the hospital to get checked over and while he’s there, he apologises for all the heartache that he’s caused in the past. Emotionless, Stacey becomes agitated with waiting to be seen by a nurse. Jean insists that Stacey stay to have stitches and becoming unsettled herself, Jean tells a nurse that she suffers from bipolar and is concerned that Stacey’s suffering, too.

Stacey reluctantly agrees to talk with hospital psychiatrist Dr Simmonds, who manages to coax Stacey into chatting about her rollercoaster year. Eventually, Stacey admits her biggest fear – that she’s suffering with bipolar like her mother. With the facts in-hand, Dr Simmonds suggests that Stacey be admitted to hospital for a few nights so she can be stabilised on a course of medication. Max returns home to his family and while Abi excitedly believes everything’s about to return to normal, Lauren has her reservations…