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Eastenders spoiler, monday 16th march

Published on March 13, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip,Soaps

After being arrested for being suspected prostitutes, Ronnie and Roxy’s picture has been splashed over the front page of the Walford Gazette. Peggy, meanwhile, has her local election campaign to think about, and her rival Mohinder informs her of a debate that is taking place that night. Despite Ronnie accusing her of caring more about the election than her family, Roxy and Dot try to persuade her that she’s doing the right thing. Reassured, she prepares for the enormous task ahead.

Later, at the debate, Peggy gets off to a floundering start. However, when she sees Ronnie turn up at the venue, her mood is lifted and the situation takes a turn for the better. Talking from the heart, she delivers a speech which is a resounding success with the gathered local residents. Back at The Vic, Archie’s brimming with joy at his wife-to-be’s accomplishment. However, just as he raises a glass to her success, Peggy collapses…

Meanwhile, Jack’s not happy when he sees Danielle with his daughter Amy. Roxy’s unsure whether to accept Danielle’s offer to babysit, while Ronnie suggests that Danielle should stay away from babies as it could bring back painful memories of her recent abortion. Danielle’s not impressed in the slightest and heads to Charlie’s summerhouse. Taking a tin of paint, she returns to the Square and makes a beeline for Ronnie’s flat.

Elsewhere, Ronnie tells Jack that Roxy doesn’t want his financial help, but he can see that Roxy’s unsure about the decision; Shirley and Heather prepare for the St Patrick’s Day celebrations at The Vic; Billy begins to question where Jay’s living when Mo shows him postcards from Las Vegas; Heather tries to kiss Minty, but Minty’s forced to reveal that he’s met someone else; and Jane’s watching a Bollywood film with Masood, but their night is interrupted by Ian, who’s prepared a romantic meal to apologise for ‘boobgate’.