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Eastenders Spoiler, Monday 16th february

Published on February 16, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip,Soaps

Darren sees that Dawn is clearly distressed by Garry’s disappearance and wonders if he should tell her about the voicemail from Garry he heard last week. Minty, meanwhile, is in the flat packing Garry’s belongings away to send to Garry’s mum, Hazel. Despite Dawn’s positivity, Minty’s adamant that their friend isn’t returning. When Dawn suggests that Garry’s not the type to commit suicide, Minty accidentally lets slip that it’s not the first time he’s tried. Garry’s then forced to reveal details about his suicide bid when Lynne left him.

Afterwards, Darren finally tells Dawn and Minty about Garry’s voicemail which said that all he wanted was for Dawn to love him. Dawn’s furious that her brother didn’t say anything sooner, while Minty’s devastated by the revelation.

Dawn’s moping in the flat and can’t get Garry off her mind. Shirley suggests that she shouldn’t have rejected Garry, prompting Dawn to show her the diamond ring. It suddenly hits home for Dawn that both men who proposed to her are now dead. As Minty confides in Charlie that they could have done more for Garry, we cut to a faraway bar in France where a man is watching a BBC News 24 report about a missing Walford man – it’s Garry.

Meanwhile, Ian’s decided to take a more hands-on role in the catering business and so decides to appoint Lucas as manager at the chippy. Later, there’s a mix-up at the Masala Masood unit when Ian and Christian find Masood and Zainab cooking for a function. Ian reminds them that they have the Walford FC lunch to prepare for. Annoyed at the continuous mix-ups, Ian announces that he’s going to be leading all projects from now on. It’s not long before Ian sets down a dividing line in the kitchen to prevent the Masoods from encroaching on his space. After Charlie’s delivery blunder, there’s a vote as to who should be in charge of the new joint venture – and Zainab triumphs!

Elsewhere, Tamwar receives a mysterious phone call; and Ricky and Bianca receive an invite to Peggy and Archie’s wedding, but all Ricky’s concerned about is the DNA results.