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Eastenders Spoiler, 6th February

Published on February 6, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip

Stacey’s deep in conversation with Danielle over the revelation that Ronnie is Danielle’s biological mother. Stacey suggests that Danielle should tell Ronnie the truth, before making Danielle aware that Ronnie accompanied Danielle to the clinic to abort her own grandchild. Feeling ashamed, Danielle reaches a decision – she’s going to tell Ronnie the truth. Tracking Ronnie down in the café, Danielle is pleased when Ronnie reassures her that she’ll go with her to her next appointment at the clinic. Later in the Launderette, Dot finds Ronnie deep in thought. At that moment, Ronnie confesses that when she was 14, she gave a baby up for adoption. Dot also reveals that she lost a baby, but can’t find the words to admit that she had a termination.

Over at the Slaters’, Stacey brings Danielle back down to earth when she announces that Ronnie might not want to have anything to do with her when she finally learns the truth. Danielle insists that Ronnie wanted to track down her daughter, but Stacey mentions the abortion issue. Without a flicker, Danielle tells her best friend that she’s not aborted her baby yet – she’s not taken the final pill.

At the Launderette, Dot suggests that Ronnie’s friendship with Danielle is bringing back awful memories and maybe she should consider severing contact. Ronnie phones Danielle and lies that a problem has arisen at work, so she won’t be able to attend the appointment. Ronnie also assures Danielle that having a baby was the biggest mistake of her life. Later, at the clinic, Danielle tells the doctor that she wants to proceed and admits that Ronnie isn’t her mother, claiming her mother is dead.

Meanwhile, it’s Tiffany’s birthday and she’s delighted to find her family waiting for her in the kitchen to celebrate. Later, at work, Bianca tells Jane that she’s so happy Ian has allowed them to use the café for Tiffany’s birthday free of charge. Jane, however, breaks the news that it’s not free and Bianca soon realises that Ricky’s lied to her. Confronting him about the situation, Ricky says that paying for the party is Tiffany’s present. As the party gets underway, Tiffany wants to know where Whitney is, so Ricky offers to track her down. He eventually talks Whitney into celebrating with the rest of the family. At the party, Bianca is backed into a corner by Shirley, who quickly realises that something’s not quite right…

Elsewhere, Ronnie talks to Bradley about Stacey’s termination; Bradley loses Gumbo but is pleasantly surprised when a girl called Syd turns up on his doorstep with the news that Gumbo’s in the park; Linda decides to make a fresh start in America; and Heather’s disappointed when she overhears Minty talking about her to Garry.