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Eastenders spoiler, 31st March

Published on March 31, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip,Soaps

Archie’s trying to enjoy at his stag do but it’s clear that he has other things on his mind. As he heads for the door, Janine manages to collar him and suggests they have a one-to-one chat over a drink. She happily tells him that she thinks they’re more alike than they know and claims that they have endless potential as a team in Walford. When Janine heads to the bar, Archie steals her keys from her bag before bolting for the door. As he’s walking to meet his granddaughter Danielle, it’s clear that the thought of killing her has crossed his mind, but he can’t muster up the courage to act on the impulse.

Danielle’s waiting for him in their agreed location and Archie ushers her into Janine’s flat, where he attempts to convince her that leaving Walford is the only option, given Ronnie’s ‘bad reaction to the news’. Archie steps up his game and offers her a wad of cash to walk away from the Square until he calls to let her know when she should return. It looks like Archie’s plan has worked as he watches an oblivious Danielle climb the steps at the tube station. Later, however, Danielle’s sitting outside The Vic with no intention of leaving until Ronnie knows the truth…
Meanwhile, Peggy’s hen do is well underway at The Vic and the bride-to-be is shocked that Ronnie and Roxy have organised an American cheerleading troupe for the night. Peggy thinks the whole idea is bizarre to begin with, but it’s not long before Aunt Sal cajoles her into joining in. Despite the concerns of her friends and family that Archie’s controlling nature has changed her, she proves that the old Peggy lives on inside. She begins to question herself, though, when Aunt Sal points out that her wedding dress isn’t at all nice.

Elsewhere, Roxy spends the whole of Peggy’s hen night waiting for Jack to call or text; Janine puts in a surprise appearance at The Vic, much to Peggy’s annoyance; and Manda finally accepts Minty’s ‘plus one’ invite to the wedding.