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Eastenders Spoiler 25th February

Published on February 25, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip,Soaps

Having just spoken to Ian on the phone, Zainab reveals to Masood that Ian wants to audit the accounts for the business. Worried as to where the missing money has gone, Masood is incredulous that his wife doesn’t trust him and is essentially accusing him of withdrawing the cash. Tamwar quietly creeps to the kitchen door where he listens to his parents argue about the money they ‘lost’ from their previous business years ago. Furious that Zainab is dragging up the past, Masood storms out. A guilt-ridden Tamwar confesses to Libby that his parents have been arguing, before revealing that he can put the situation right.

Later, Zainab reveals to a baffled Masood that the misplaced money has been returned to the account. As Masood protests his innocence, Tamwar walks in and confesses that he was the one who took it for his estranged brother, Syed. He shows them the emails from Syed requesting to borrow the money for a couple of weeks. Masood, however, is firm – they’re not helping Syed. Zainab, meanwhile, is unhappy that her son never called her for the money.

When Zainab accuses Masood of being the reason that Syed left in the first place, Masood makes a shock confession – he discovered Syed stealing money from the company all those years ago. Zainab feels guilty as she always thought it was Masood who had been siphoning money from the company’s accounts. Seemingly pleased that the secret is finally out, Masood reveals to Zainab that he lied to protect her. Later, despite having promised not to contact her son, Zainab locates the emails and leaves a message on Syed’s voicemail.

Elsewhere, Billy walks in on Ian showing Christian his bum – complete with new devil tattoo; Chelsea still has the article about Patrick; Pat returns to find her business Pat Cars relocated to her front room, prompting a ruckus with Janine; Jane goes to a pole dancing class with Jane; Mo’s ordered some pork for dinner but is shocked when she finds a pig in a kitchen; and Pat confesses to Ricky that she plans to retire.