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Eastenders Spoiler 23rd January

Published on January 23, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip,Soaps

Tanya grabs a mobile phone from Jane’s hands, anxious to talk with Lauren. Realising who’s on the other end, Lauren hangs up, puzzled as to how Tanya got the number. Storming out of the pub, Tanya heads across the Square and leaves Lauren another voicemail asking her to call her back – she wants to meet face to face. Lauren relents and agrees to meet, but she’s unresponsive, with her only concern as to where Tanya found the mobile number. During their emotional conversation, Tanya begs Lauren to return home, but Lauren’s adamant – it’s all her fault and there’s no place for her in Walford anymore. A sobbing Lauren can’t be persuaded and Tanya is forced to return to the Square without her. Once back home, Tanya shares a moment with Max.

Over at the club, Jack’s wary of Janine’s motives following her offer to help him push Ronnie out of the business. Janine reveals that she wants to be his new business partner. Billy finds himself roped into Janine’s master plan when he’s asked about Ronnie and he lets slip about her feud with her father, Archie. Janine shows Ronnie what she’s made of when she scuppers Ronnie’s attempts at sabotaging the stag do she’d arranged, while Billy finds himself caught in the crosshairs and is sacked by Ronnie. Seeing Janine’s potential, Ronnie promotes Janine to manager of the club, before Janine agrees to help Ronnie get rid of Jack…

Meanwhile, Nick and Dotty continue to secretly plot to fleece Dot of all her money. Dotty tries to reassure Nick that she’s more than capable of pulling the scam off and reveals that there’s more money to be had if they want. All they need it Dot’s trust. Back at Dot’s, Dotty puts her plan into action as she helps Dot sort through some old boxes containing memorabilia. They’re interrupted by Nick who’s delivering a goodbye a present to Dotty – a mobile phone so she can contact him when she wants. Before Nick leaves, Dotty shows Nick proof that their plan is worthwhile. Some £50,000 is up for grabs and all they have to do is kill Dot…

Elsewhere, Ian’s feud with Christian continues over the business, while Jane and Christian plot behind his back; and Jay and Marissa continue to spend time together, much to Billy’s annoyance.