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Draining on ice for Coleen!

Published on March 17, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip,Dancing on Ice 2009,Shows

Coleen Nolan has claimed that her appearance on this week’s Dancing On Ice was “draining”.

source; wenn

source; wenn

The Loose Women star said that she considered it an “achievement” managing to perform on the semi-final because of her back injury problems.

“On Monday when I was on a spinal board being stretchered into hospital I didn’t think I was going to see the Sunday,” she told This Morning. “I just wanted to get to Sunday because it was my wedding song I was dancing to and I hadn’t told my husband.

“I just didn’t want to go out on an injury without at least getting out once more and saying goodbye properly, so that was my goal. But it was seriously painful, and to stand there and get slaughtered as well was a bit draining.”

Speaking about the current state of her injury, Nolan commented: “I don’t really know what I did to myself to be honest, but I had muscle spasms which pulled a rib down and displaced the rib. The physio was trying to get it back in place all week.

“And the thing with ribs is that it hurts to breathe, to move, and I haven’t slept really for a week. I’m totally strapped up around my middle and it’s really really painful.”

Nolan also thanked her fans, who managed to keep her out off the skate-off until the semi-final.

“That’s been the most touching thing for me because ultimately the public week in and week out have put me through and I knew if I’d have gone in the skate off that was me out,” she said.

“Every week was great, and the people coming up to me in the street too saying ‘keep going’.”