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Dinky Stryder – bingo!!

Published on April 24, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip

Tinchy Stryder is reportedly struggling to come up with ideas to look taller on stage.

source; wenn

source; wenn

The ‘Number 1’ singer’s management are said to be trying different solutions to help audience members see the 5ft 1in star when he performs live – bingo.

Tinchy is little by anyone’s standards, and when he plays live that becomes even more apparent,” a source told The Sun.

“Move just a couple of rows back in a standing venue and most people only see a little bobbing head.”

The star, who is one inch shorter than both Kylie Minogue and Emma Bunton, is apparently taking the matter in his stride.

“It’s quite a delicate situation. Tinchy’s not precious about his height, but it seems a shame that so few people can get a decent view of him,” the source added.

“The most popular solution so far seems to be employing some kind of raised platform.”