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Diddy Dough-Nutter!!

Published on January 16, 2009 under Celebrity Big Brother 2009,Celebrity Gossip

Celebrity Big Brother contestant, and mini me star Verne Troyer, crashed his scooter into the diary room after several glasses of champagne!

Verne Troyer crashed his scooter into the diary room

Verne Troyer crashed his scooter into the diary room

The housemates had been awarded alcohol after successfully completing their ‘Message In A Bottle’, which required them not to moan for an hour.

As the group celebrated, Verne quickly drank three glasses of champagne. He began slurring his words, misunderstanding the flow of conversation and experienced severe difficulty driving his scooter.

Sitting in the bedroom, Verne had repeatedly been telling La Toya how beautiful her smile was when Big Brother called him into the Diary Room. Oblivious, he carried on the conversation before La Toya and Coolio informed him that Big Brother had called for him.

Verne was adamant that Ben had been called, forcing Big Brother to repeat the request several more times.

After a short struggle putting on his shoes, Verne was lifted onto his scooter by Coolio. The scooter began jumping forward in short bursts as he had difficulty controlling the acceleration, but he eventually regained control and drove out into the living room.

While driving around, Verne tried to obtain more alcohol from Coolio, demanding: “Hit me, come on bitch.”

Coolio ignored him and Verne began circling the living room and running over anything in the scooter’s path. As Big Brother repeatedly called for him to enter the Diary Room, Ulrika jokingly said she would ‘have to spank him’, but Verne muttered: “Who gives a shit?”

He eventually stopped outside the corridor to the Diary Room and said to Coolio: “Hey, you see the Diary Room door down there….”

Coolio pleaded for him not to do it, but Verne set off accelerating at full speed before slamming into the Diary Room door.

“Open! Come on, open up!” he shouted, before Coolio came and pressed the button to enter.

As Verne spent time talking to Big Brother, Coolio told Ulrika, Terry and La Toya that while he’s seen Verne cope well with wine and beer on other occasions, he does not seem to react positively to champagne.