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Corry Spoiler, monday 16th february

Published on February 16, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip,Soaps

It’s the morning after the night before and Becky is hung-over after her engagement celebrations. Jason is keen to talk wedding plans but it is clear that Becky’s heart is not in it.

A concerned Hayley asks her what is wrong and Becky tells her about Steve‚Äôs proposal and confesses that she’s torn between them. Hayley suggests she write a list of the pros and cons of each suitor. She later has lunch with Eileen and Jason and soon reaches a decision.

An excited Sophie brings Ben home for lunch. Kevin and Sally are pleased of the distraction from their row as they chat to Ben about his church.

They’re rather taken aback when Sophie announces that she’s become a Christian and has vowed to remain celibate until she’s married. Sally isn’t sure whether to be pleased or not!

At the factory, Julie’s feeling the strain of her task to choose a colleague for Tony to sack and she tells the workers to stop taking advantage. Janice, meanwhile, tries to convince the girls that she’d make a great nurse.

Elsewhere, Eddie tries to bribe David and Tina not to give evidence at court.