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Corry Spoiler, March 13th

Published on March 13, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip,Soaps

It’s Friday the 13th and Becky’s determined to make sure her wedding day goes to plan. Liz desperately tries to apologise to Steve as he gets ready at the pub, but he’s firm – neither she nor Lloyd are welcome at the ceremony.

Keen to make amends, Liz and Lloyd decide to prepare a surprise wedding reception for the happy couple.

Meanwhile, over at Roy’s Rolls, Hayley and Natasha are putting the finishing touches to the bride’s dress, hair and make-up. Becky looks an absolute picture in her dream dress, but her nerves start to get the better of her and she knocks back the champagne glass after glass.
Slightly tipsy, she panics that Steve is about to see her and bolts to the builders’ yard to hide. However, things start to go wrong when she rips her dress. Roy and Hayley begin to wonder if they will ever get her to the register office in time!

Elsewhere, Gail is worried about Joe and is shocked when she finds him in a dishevelled state in the lockup. Joe is overcome with emotion as she hugs him and asks him to come home.

Tara shows Dev her extravagant plans for the art gallery, prompting him to suggest that they need to cut back on expenditure.

Luke, meanwhile, tries to put pressure on Tom and Maria to sell him their share of Lad Rags.