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Corry Spoiler, 6th February

Published on February 6, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip

Carla and Tony sit in a deserted factory after sending the girls home early. Carla wants answers but Tony wants to know why she’s been asking so many questions.

Like a dog with a bone, Carla won’t let it go and she starts to see cracks in Tony’s armour as she finally tells him exactly what Liam meant to her.

A devastated and beaten Tony can only listen as Carla tells him how much she loved and still loves Liam – even though he’s dead. With nothing else to fight for, will Tony finally confess to Liam’s murder?

Gail reluctantly agrees to go for a drive with Anna Windass and is intrigued when they arrive outside the prison gates. Anna then issues an impassioned plea to Gail asking her to get Tina to change her story so that Gary can escape a prison sentence. Gail, however, is unaware that Tina has lied about the fight and insists to Anna that she is doing the right thing giving evidence against Gary.

Steve and Lloyd have a heart-to-heart and realise that they can’t let a woman ruin their friendship – even if that woman is Liz. Liz is delighted that the pair are pals again but is less than impressed when she discovers that Steve is taking Lloyd on a lads’ night out.

Eileen’s dad Colin is getting on like a house on fire with Rita and also seems to be impressing the other ladies on the street, much to Eileen’s annoyance.

Elsewhere, Vicki gets a call from Poland to say that her mother is ill and she has to return home immediately.